Between a Stone and a Shrine Procession

A Film Performance in Braddock, PA

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Between a Stone and a Shrine is a film performance involving the community of Braddock receiving a golden casket filled with sunflower seeds.

I cordially invite the residents of Braddock and the greater Pittsburgh area to help receive and plant this golden casket filled with sunflower seeds as a symbol of the revitalization efforts in the area. Symbolically placing the gilded casket underground acts as a seed to re-generate growth in urban communities.

The casket will be transported by train to the Carrie Furnace and awaits your arrival to lead the casket in a procession down Braddock Avenue to its burial plot on Talbot Avenue. After the burial, sunflower seeds will be planted on the entire plot at Talbot Ave. to show the potential of growth, beauty and change through collective community action.

Please show your support for the revitalization of Braddock by participating in the procession and film. Bring your friends and family to plant the seeds for a more beautiful and hopeful tomorrow.

Reception to be held after the procession at the Braddock Community Center.

Please note this event will be filmed.

Film trailer: Between a Stone and a Shrine: Film Trailer (Youtube Link)
Final presentation of the film will be held at:
Carnegie Mellon University: Miller Gallery on March 28th, 2014 from 5-9 pm
Braddock Community Center TBD

This project was created by Oreen Cohen as a part of completion of her Master of Fine Arts degree at Carnegie Mellon University.

For more information on the artist:

Parade route: Begins at Carrie Furnaces, 115 West Braddock Avenue and ends at 730 talbot avenue, Braddock, PA


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